Crab & Cheese Rangoon

10 - 15 mins 5 - 10 people

Delicious crab flakes are embraced in melty cheese and fried in crisp wanton.


50 grams, Eden Meltsarap grated

10 pcs, Wanton wrapper

150 grams, Crab meat shredded

30 grams, Chives

1/2 tbsp, Paprika

as needed, Oil for deep frying

0.25 cup, Mayo (for Honey-Garlic Mayo)

1 tsp, Garlic minced (for Honey-Garlic Mayo)

1.5 tbsp, Honey (for Honey-Garlic Mayo)

1 tsp, Lemon juice (for Honey-Garlic Mayo)

Product Used:


Combine Eden Meltsarap, crab meat, chives, and paprika in a bowl.

Mix until well incorporated. Set aside.

Place crab meat mixture in the middle of the wanton wrapper and fold diagonally.

Enclose tightly by pinching the edges of the wrapper.

Deep fry until golden in color.

Sauce: Combine all ingredients in a bowl.