Cheesy Buko Salad: A Heritage Recipe That Brings A Family Together

Being away from your family during the holidays is tough. More than anything else, it is mom’s exceptional Noche Buena that makes you miss home. And how could you forget the traditional Buko Salad?

Because an Amazing Mom like you would do everything to make Christmas extra special for the family, Eden’s Cheesy Buko Salad is the perfect dessert for that outstanding Noche Buena. Your buko salad is surely topnotch. Mix it with grated Eden cheese and it will surely upgrade your already delicious recipe into an unforgettable dessert. With its creamier and cheesier taste, the already all-time favorite becomes even more extraordinary.

So this Christmas, even when the family is incomplete, the celebration of Noche Buena can still be worthwhile. As an Amazing Mom, you can impart to your loved ones your own Buko Salad recipe made with Eden. With this, it’s as if the family is together celebrating over an extraordinary Noche Buena.

Para sa Paskong Hinahanap-hanap Eden!