Cheesedog Bread Rolls with Dip

15 - 20 mins 5 - 10 people

Try a creative way of serving everyone's favorite cheesedog.


12 slices, White bread

3, Hotdogs, cut into 4 strips each

24 strips, Eden Melt Sarap, cut

2, Eggs

1/4 cup, Milk

1 cup, Panko breadcrumbs

3 tbsp, Oil

3 tbsp, Ketchup

Product Used:


Remove crusts of bread slices. Flatten bread with a rolling pin until thin. Spread ketchup on the top side of each slice.

At the edge of the bread, put a piece of hotdog and 2 cheese strips. Roll into a log and press seams to seal. Repeat process.

In a bowl, combine eggs and milk and whisk together until well-beaten. Dip bread into egg mixture then coat evenly in bread crumbs.

In a pan, deep fry bread rolls until golden brown. Drain and serve.