Cheesy Maja Con Jelly

25 - 30 mins 5 - 10 people

This sweet Maja Blanca jelly has a lipsmacking cheesy creaminess!


1 pack, Unflavored jelly powder (white)

1 cup, Cornstarch

1 cup, Evaporated milk

1 cup, Condensed milk

3 cups, Water

2 cups, Coconut milk

1 cup, Sugar

1 cup, Eden Original, grated

Product Used:


In a pot, combine evaporated milk, condensed milk, water and coconut milk. Stir well.

Add sugar and cornstarch and mix until dissolved. Add the jelly powder and mix thoroughly.

Over medium heat, continue to stir until mixture is sticky. Add grated cheese and stir well.

Remove from heat and transfer mixture to a dish. Leave to cool then serve.