Cheesy Pinoy Sushi

20 - 25 mins 5 - 10 people

A Pinoy take on a Japanese favorite! Instead of fish rolled in rice, this Pinoy sushi is rolled with fresh veggies and creamy cheese.


2 cups, Sushi rice, cooked

1, Cucumber, cut into long strips

1, Mango, cut into long strips

1, Carrot, cut into long strips

2 tbsp, Toasted black sesame seeds

2 sheets, Nori

165g, Eden Original, cut into long strips

1/4 cup, Eden Mayo

1/2 cup, Soy sauce

Product Used:


Place nori sheets on the sushi mat. Spread Eden Mayo on the nori then place rice over nori and flatten evenly. Put the strips of carrot, cucumber, mango and cheese.

Roll sushi and slice. Sprinkle black sesame seeds and serve with soy sauce.