Cheesy Sisig Burger

30+ mins 5 - 10 people

Mommy Jelyn's sisig burger with creamy Eden Cheese is not your typical cheeseburger!


1 lb, Ground pork

1, Onion, diced

1, Egg

2 tbsp, Soy sauce

1 slice, Tomato

1 leaf, Lettuce

2 tbsp, Flour

1 slice, Eden Singles

a pinch, Salt

a pinch, Pepper

4, Burger buns

Product Used:


In a bowl, mix pork, onion salt, pepper and egg. Add soy sauce and calamansi to season. Mix well and form burger patties.

In a pan, fry butter patties until brown.

Assemble burger by placing the burger patty, tomato, lettuce and a slice of Eden Singles.

Serve and enjoy!