Chicken ala King

5 - 10 mins 5 - 10 people

Buttery cheesy diced chicken with toasted bread makes for a satisfying meal anytime.


2 tbsp, Butter

1 tbsp, Flour

1/2 cup, Chicken stock

1/2 cup, Evaporated milk

1/2 tsp, Salt

1 cup, Chicken, boiled and diced

1/2 cup, Button mushrooms, sauteed in butter

1/4 cup, Red and green pepper, diced

1/2 cup, Eden Cheese, diced

8 slices, Loaf bread, toasted

Product Used:


Melt butter in saucepan. Stir in flour. Pour stock and milk gradually, stirring constantly. Cook slowly until slightly thickened. Season with salt.

Add the diced chicken, sliced button mushrooms, green and red peppers.

Stir in diced Eden cheese. Cook until thick. Serve on toasted bread.