Gourmet Cheese Stuffed Burger

10 - 15 mins 5 - 10 people

This juicy burger has a special surprise: a cheesy melty center!


3 slices, Eden Meltsarap slices

2 pcs, Burger Buns prepared/ toasted

130 grams, Ground Beef

15 grams, Lettuce

10 grams, White Onions chopped

20 grams, Bread Crumbs

20 grams, Tomato slices

0.5 pc, Egg beaten

0.25 tbsp, Paprika

0.25 tbsp, Pepper

0.5 tbsp, Salt

1 tsp, Liquid Seasoning prepared

Product Used:


In a large bowl, combine the ground beef, bread crumbs, beaten egg, salt, pepper, paprika, liquid seasoning, and white onion. Mix until well incorporated.

Form burger mixture into round patties and put the Eden Meltsarap in between.

Heat up pan with butter, cook burger patty depends on your preferred doneness.

Place lettuce, tomatoes, burger patty, cooked bacon, and sautéed mushrooms on the bun.