Mixed Greens with Calamansi and Honey Dressing

10 - 15 mins 5 - 10 people

Kids will love the combination of vegetables, candied nuts, and sweet vinaigrette in this colorful salad!


30 grams, Eden Original diced

150 grams, Mixed greens fresh/ picked

50 grams, Candied Nuts prepared/ rough chopped

40 grams, Bacon Bits cooked/ toasted

40 grams, Crouton prepared

40 grams, Cherry Tomatoes roasted/ prepared

3 tbsp, Honey

1tbsp, Calamansi prepared

as desired, Salt to taste

5 tbsp, Olive Oil Extra Virgin

Product Used:


Calamansi Honey Vinaigrette: Place honey, lemon and olive oil in a small bottle.

Calamansi Honey Vinaigrette: Shake until well combined and thick in consistency. Season with salt.

In a large bowl, combine the rest of the ingredients and gently dress the salad mixture with the vinaigrette and mix.

Top off with a generous amount of Eden Original and transfer to plate.