Saucy Sausage Cheddar Pasta

30+ mins 5 - 10 people

Create an easy meal with pasta and sausages embraced with creamy cheese.


1 lb, Pork sausage, sliced 1/4 inch thick

1 tbsp, Olive oil

1 1/2 cup, Onion, diced

2 cloves, Garlic, minced

1 cup, Chicken broth

10 oz, Tomatoes, diced

8 oz, Pasta

1/2 cup, Heavy cream

1/2 tsp, Salt

1/2 tsp, Pepper

1 cup, Kraft Cheddar, shredded

1/3 cup, Scallions

Product Used:


In a pan, saute onions and sausage. Add garlic and cook until fragrant.

Add chicken broth, tomatoes and heavy cream. Add salt and pepper to taste. Simmer for 15 minutes.

Add in cooked pasta and stir. Remove from heat, add cheese* and stir. *Kraft Cheddar can be substituted with Eden Original or Eden Melt Sarap

Top with sliced scallions and serve.