Special Maruyang Camote

5 - 10 mins 5 - 10 people

The Pinoy merienda classic gets enveloped in a richly creamy cheese and sugar mixture.


2 large, yellow camote, peeled

1/2 cup, brown sugar

3 cups, all purpose flour

1 cup, water

1 cup, Grated Eden cheese

1 1/2 cups, oil for deep frying

5 pieces, banana leaves

Product Used:


Cut the camote into strips. Add the sugar and flour to the water and stir until well blended. Combine the camote strips into the flour mixture and mix well with a spoon until well coated.

Heat oil in a frying pan or deep pan. Fry battered camote until golden brown.

Mix grated Eden cheese and sugar on a plate. Roll maruya in this mixture before serving.